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El recuit

Recuits Nuri is a small family business. It all begun in 1972 when Nuri started making cottage cheeses in her own kitchen with the milk of her husband’s goat herd.

Soon she sold them to several restaurants in the nearby villages. As it was a big success, she expanded the sale in other shops, butcher’s and delicatessens. The business grew by word of mouth.

Then her daughter Nuri began to help her so that they could expand further. They started to make new products such as milk curd, fresh cheese, semi-cured cheese and yogurt.

Nowadays they continue to work and they distribute their products throughout the province of Girona, the rest of Catalonia and Spain.

In 2003 Nuri was awarded the “Carta de Mestre Artesà” (Master Craftswoman Title) by Artur Mas, the current president of Catalonia.